Course Overview

    TOTAL METRES: (18 Holes) Men - White 5214, Women - Yellow 4763
    NZSCR: Men - 66.9, Women - 69.4 (Yellow)
    SLOPE INDEX:  Men - 109, Women - 108 (Yellow)
To be read in conjunction with the Rules Of Golf.
   1.   OUT OF BOUNDS: All boundary fences
   2.     WATER HAZARD yellow pegs. Lateral water hazard red pegs.
   3.     Obstructions: Clubhouse & gardens. Drop one club length from nearest point of relief (Rule 24-2)
   4.  Car Park (posts and white pegs), out of bounds.
   5.   Embedded Ball - relief through the green.
   6.   Distance Markers are immovable obstructions. Blue 180m, White 135m, Red 90m.
   7.   Approved Distance Measuring Devices are allowed.
   TREES: If a staked tree interferes with stance or playing of stroke, ball must be dropped one club length clear without penalty (Rule 24-2 obstruction).