Club News 2020
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 Jan 18  The trees along the Roadside fairway were given a trim today to ease traffic flows along the road.  With road traffic control in place a good job was done before lunch with a large pile of branches in our burn heap to show for it.  Many thanks to the members who supplied chainsaws, vehicles and manpower to accomplish this task and Jim O for organising it.  Some members even managed 9 holes of golf afterwards!  Image
Feb 1 Opening Day was held with a reasonably sized field of golfers in warm conditions. Jenny Hulena and Tom Allan won the Newburn Trophy with a net of 62.4 in the Canadian Foursomes format  
Feb 11 Another Sowden achieved a Hole-in-One on the 15th today.  Judith proved she is just as good as her husband Roger in accomplishing this feat. I wonder if they would share their secret for a price?  
Mar 26 The pandemic COVID-19 lockdown regulations have been implemented which means that there is to be no activity, playing or otherwise, to be held on the course until further notice with the result that the front gate is to be locked.  
April 28 Level 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented today with the result that members will be allowed on the course with prior bookings only, and restricted to their 'bubbles'.  
May 16

With great relief the men's club day was held today, the first activity to be held under the level 2 COVID-19 restrictions. The enjoyment of the occasion was in evidence in the clubroom afterwards.

120 native trees were also planted in the plantation section